Thursday, July 2, 2015



Always be prepared to give . . .  the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect . . .                I Peter 3:15 NIV

Isn’t it strange how joy and grief can coexist?

I grieve for the Justices who thought they could change eternal truth by fiat, who failed to consult the God who gives wisdom to all who ask. I grieve for every person affected by this bad decision.

I stand with pastors who refuse to marry gay couples, for churches who refuse to hold gay weddings in their buildings.

I feel for and with LGBT’s who have pushed for this change. I’m no stranger to loneliness. Too shy and distrustful for friends, too afraid to date, I married for the first time at 40 because I thought he was my last chance. But he was an abusive control freak who kept me away from even the shallow relationships I’d survived with.  

What’s so wrong with letting people enjoy loving relationships? Why not legitimize those relationships and let them share in the legal and financial benefits of marriage?

Because the concept is specious. What is offered is counterfeit. No other human, no matter how loving, how committed, can meet another person’s deepest needs. No human can offer what God, the Creator of man, the designer of marriage, gives freely—for the truest, deepest marriages are a joining of three, not of two. Same-sex marriages cannot offer this oneness with Him.

I could agree with the premise of equal access to marriage for all if it didn’t hurt God so much. I for one have seen enough of His pain, caused enough of it myself.

If you could see what a difference Jesus has made to me and in me, you could see why I’m coming down on His side.

Happiness is the shallow end of the pool. Joy is far more than the deep end; it’s the ocean of God’s pleasure shared with us.

Don’t settle for counterfeit. 

Avi, when I see these things happen, I rejoice that You’re still on the throne. Help us to shine Your light into Satan’s darkness, and to love those who fight against You. Help Your church to grow and thrive, as it has done whenever faced with persecution. In Your holy name, Amen.




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