Tuesday, February 10, 2015


“The Father gave the Son
The Son gave the Spirit
The Spirit gives us life
So we can give the gift of love
And the gift goes on, and the gift goes on…”
I woke this morning, my heart overwhelmed by this Sandi Patty song like water overtaking a dry and thirsty land.
A gentle rain blows in over the desert. A rivulet gathers, spreads, halts at every tiny resistance, waits. The water beads up, builds. Finally that small dam is overcome and the water flows, creating new channels for itself.
Another obstacle: a crest of soil, a twig, a stone, a leaf. The water waits and grows stronger—then its opponent yields and is swept away.
Again the water flows, and again, and again, until the whole floodplain is covered.
The desert drinks its fill of His unfailing love. The soil is ready, moist and fertile.
 The arid seed long blown on Eden’s fiery wind settles, awakens, drinks the life-giving water. It swells, softens, and dies.
The seed breaks open—and from the tiny coffin new life abundant spills. A branch springs forth, drinking deep of God’s mercy, reaching for the sun of His heart, hanging heavy with the fruit of a life rooted in Him.
Just so the gentle love of God our suitor. He approaches gently, waits patiently. He will not force his will, but overcomes every doubt, every objection, until the convinced heart finds its home in Him.
Love without choice isn’t love, Avi. It isn’t real. Thank You for giving me that choice, and for teaching me what love really is. I choose You. In Your holy name, Amen.















  1. That was a wonderfully visual post. It amazes me how we see God and His love for us in nature. And nice meeting you at the event on Saturday :)

    1. Lee, I enjoyed meeting you, too. Tried to answer email, but it didn't go through. Will you get to come back and be a regular? Did you get to check out any of my older posts? Grace