Thursday, December 31, 2015


And by faith he (Enoch) still speaks, even though he is dead.   Hebrews 11:4 NIV

What a way to end an earthly life! Gone home with God, but still preaching to those he left behind. And what better time than year's end to look forward to our own endings? This isn't macabre; it's scriptural.

How will my life end? What will I still be saying after I’m dead? Who will hear that message?

Today ends an old year. Tomorrow is the start of another new one—but we only get one moment at a time. Little is much—even this one small moment in front of us—if God is in it.

Tomorrow, if it comes for me, is a fresh start.

Even if tomorrow doesn’t come, I have this day, this moment. Got to get out my trusty blue pencil and update my sermon while there’s still time. Let His joy shine through me, that others might see what true happiness is: peace with the One True God who created us.

How do I do that? Easy. I just remain in Him, reflecting on His holiness, His joy, and He does it all.

Avi, You give joy, but the choice of whether to accept Your joy is ours. I choose You, again and again, every day.
People who don’t know You tell us, ‘If you’re happy today, you just don’t understand the situation.’ But, the opposite is true; Your children have happiness and joy in the middle of trials and depression and pain because we do understand; we see beyond.
Help me to write a message with my life that will resound through all the years left to this world. Let my small light shine so bright in Satan’s growing darkness that those who haven’t yet found You will look up from worldly infatuations and see our true Hope, the Light of the world.
In Your holy name, Amen.






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