Thursday, October 29, 2015


For God is not a God of disorder but of peace. I Corinthians 14:33 NIV

Once again, Tuesday's come and gone, and I’m late with my post. Anyone notice?

I live with a clutterbug. As a result, things fall through the cracks of remembering all I’m trying to remember to remember. Nothing in my life is organized long enough to accomplish what needs accomplishing.

Not even my prayer life.

Anybody see War Room?

I have spaces that could double function, but no space to dedicate to a war room. Forget the house. No place but the linen closet, the one place I refuse to allow any clutter. (I have to have at least one door I can open and see neatness and order.)

And you can’t have sticky notes tacked to a tree or hung on the fence out in the weather.

That leaves my creative solitude cottage. No dedicated space—but how about a dedicated time in an uncluttered, semi-dedicated, semi-private space? Just leave my writing stuff in the house and march off to war singing the battle hymn of the Kingdom.

Hmm, I haven’t used the magnetic whiteboards up there for the writing tasks I bought them for…

OK, so I bought cards, felt markers, magnets. And theretwo white boards—is my war room! I can write pertinent Scriptures on cards and post them across the top, then fill the rest of the boards with prayer requests and praises. For my husband, a good wife and a closer walk with Jesus. For friends and family, various needs. For the policemen and firemen I run into, wisdom and safety. For our minister, a heart for God, faithfulness to Scripture, and the right words and tone to reach the people. For the congregation, an open heart, an open mind. For myself, and for all my co-writers, organization and focus and productivity. For all, seeking God’s will, projecting His good name.

Avi, help me to be true to You, to listen for Your voice in everything, at every moment. Help me to use my time and talents wisely. Help me to love You with all I am. In Your holy name, Amen.  

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